COMBO Schmidt control valve


Pressure: from 50 to 150 psi (from around. 3,5 bar to ok.10 bar)
Levers: pneumatic, electric

Why is it worth investing in a Schmidt Combo valve?

  • Comfort of work. A cleaner with a good control system means higher comfort of work.
  • Versatility. Works with pneumatic and electric levers.
  • Safety. The cleaner should be equipped with a control valve and a lever to meet safety standards.

Guarantee of quality
Original product from the American company Schmid

The Schmidt Combo valve is a normally closed, self-closing valve that combines the functions of a supply air valve and a decompression valve. It is controlled by electric or pneumatic control levers. When the control lever is depressed, the valve piston immediately changes position, opens the air inlet and compresses the decompression hose, thus closing the cleaner system and starting the cleaning operation.

The Combo valve eliminates the need for expensive pistons and membranes. The inexpensive decompression hose can be replaced in just a few minutes, and any service or repair can be carried out safely without removing the valve. Its design can eliminate potential safety risks in the work area by extending the decompression hose outside the work area.