Thompson II Schmidt valve


Abrasive material: all kinds
Can be connected to the control system: YES
Revision hole: YES

Guarantee of quality
Original product from the American company Schmidt.

We recommend avoiding cheap valves from unknown manufacturers whose quality leaves much to be desired.

Why is it worth buying a Thompson Schmidt valve?

  • suitable for all types of abrasives,
  • precise dosing of abrasive,
  • reacts quickly to signals from various types of control levers,
  • quick service possible thanks to the audit piece.

The second generation of Thompson® valves has been designed to provide the highest performance in dispensing abrasives. The cleaning plug, which is located under the abrasive inlet, allows you to remove dirt and blockages without having to remove the valve from the cleaner. The use of triple plunger seals, new construction springs and protected air vents has extended the life of the valve. In the Thompson II valve, it is possible to shut off the abrasive supply remotely, which allows the operator to stop the flow of abrasive media.