Mobile sandblasting / cleaning machines


Tank sizes and their weight: 25 l (30 kg), 40 l (50 kg), 100 l (75 kg), 200 (113 kg)
Temp. Working: -10 C° – 50 C°
Pressure: 10 bar
Abrasive material: Depending on the choice of valves, our cleaners can work with all abrasive materials
Abrasive valves: Micro Schmidt, FSV Clemco, Thompson Schmidt, Thompson II Schmidt, Thompson XL Schmidt, more
Control valves: Combo Schmidt, RCV-125, more

Guarantee of quality

Our cleaners are made of the highest quality components. We only use original valves from reputable companies such as Schmidt and Clemco.

WARNING! We recommend avoiding cheap valves from unknown manufacturers whose quality leaves much to be desired.

Why is it worth investing in our cleaners?

The construction is based on the highest quality components
Adapting the device to customer needs. We adjust the tank size, abrasive valves, type of control and many other parts to the investor’s preferences and requirements.
The technology used allows for convenient and quick service.
We match the best equipment to the cleaner.
Our cleaners can be part of a blast chamber.


Szatkowski sandblasting / cleaning machines are characterized by high efficiency and trouble-free operation. Our devices contain components of the highest quality from renowned European manufacturers (Clemco, Schmidt, Semperit, etc.). Thanks to this, we can be sure that regardless of the conditions in which our cleaner will work, it will work.

We offer our customers devices with tanks from 25l to 200l. The sandblaster can be stationary or equipped with wheels (mobile sandblaster). It is possible to control the device with a pneumatic or electric lever.

The most popular choice among our clients are mobile cleaners with Schmidt® valves. We import these valves from the USA for you to ensure the maximum quality of workmanship. The blasting machines having an abrasive valve (Micro, Micro II, Thompson, Thompson II) and a control valve (COMBO) are suitable for any type of abrasive and for any type of work – sandblasting, shot blasting, slides, soda etc. The sandblasters also minimize the costs associated with subsequent downtime resulting from service work and breakdowns. That is why such solutions work perfectly in blast rooms and more. We also deliver our devices to the chambers of other manufacturers.

When choosing a cleaner, it should be remembered that in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Economy, Labor and Social Policy of January 14, 2004 on health and safety at work during surface cleaning, spray painting and thermal spraying (Journal of Laws of February 4, 2004 .) there is an obligation to control the cleaner from the operator’s workplace. This means that, according to Polish regulations, the device must be equipped with pneumatic or electric control (e.g. as a control lever attached to the shot blast hose) to ensure the safety of the operators of the device.

We provide professional advice in the selection of equipment as well as after-sales service and equipment service.