Spray metallization / electric galvanizing

The Szatkowski company specializes in spray metallization, including steel structures, aluminum. We are proud of many years of experience and a significant number of satisfied customers. We owe this to, among others, qualified staff and specialized equipment that ensures the highest quality of service. The basis of a properly made metallization process is the proper preparation of the substrate before applying the protective coating. For this reason, we perform abrasive blasting with sharp-cast steel grit to obtain the appropriate geometrical structure of the substrate and to obtain the required degree of surface cleanliness Sa 3. This service can be performed using specialized equipment at the client’s or on our company premises. Electric arc spraying is the most popular metallization process used in many different industries. It involves the use of an electric arc to melt a pair of wires to apply them with compressed air to the cleaned substrate. In this way, we obtain an excellent anti-corrosive coating that protects the coated material against corrosion (acting as a barrier and cathodic protection).