Painting aggregates and accessories


After a properly carried out abrasive blasting process, it is necessary to ensure that the cleaned surface receives an appropriate protective coating.

For this purpose, we offer you the highest quality equipment – painting aggregates, together with painting equipment necessary for all types of painting work. As a company that also provides painting services, we know perfectly well how important the quality of equipment is to achieve the desired effect. That is why we trusted the world-famous manufacturer – Graco, whose product quality is widely known.

In order to ensure a paint coating in accordance with specific requirements, we give you the opportunity to use a wide range of meters from the companies ELCOMETER and TQC.

It is also worth realizing how enormous the savings can be to buy a solvent distiller. We know, which is why we offer world-class solvent distillation devices from the German company FIDI.


Painting aggregates

Graco spraying aggregates are modern equipment that works perfectly in all working conditions. Depending on whether it is to be construction or industrial painting, we will match the type of device to your needs. We offer compressor aggregates, but also electric aggregates that do not require compressed air. You can also find aggregates for spraying two-component materials.


Painting accessories

We will provide you with all necessary painting and consumable accessories. We have nozzles, spray guns for painting aggregates at our clients’ disposal, as well as painting hoses and other useful equipment.


Measuring instruments

In our offer you will find all the most necessary measuring devices, including coating thickness gauges, climatic gauges, adhesion gauges, surface quality gauges and more.


Solvent distillers

If you have never wondered how much daily, monthly / annually (!) It costs to buy, store and dispose of solvents, please contact us – we will help you carry out this calculation. Professional solvent distiller allows you to recover up to 95% pure and fully chemically valuable solvent. The investment in such equipment begins to pay back on the first day!