Cleaned surfaces: steel, wood, stone, bricks, many more
Application: removing paint coatings, dirt, renovating monuments, removing graffiti
Cleaning: wet and dry
Shape: Sharp, angular
Mohs hardness: 2,5
Reusable: YES
Granulation: 80/200 Mesh – petite

60/80 Mesh – average

40/60 Mesh – thick

Hard XL (very efficient, designed to remove the most difficult coatings)

Guarantee of quality
We offer abrasive materials only from reputable manufacturers.


Soda has for some time become an increasingly popular agent in the blasting process. Specialists are convinced by this product mainly due to the low interference in the structure of the object being cleaned. Soda is often used to remove rust and varnish layers from delicate materials. More and more people are also paying attention to ecological considerations. The abrasive described is environmentally neutral and biodegradable.